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When the purchase discount settlement is recorded using the 0PI3 condition contract type, 0PD2 settlement document type, in the standard configuration, is a material book document also displayed that re-evaluates the material and reduces the valuation of the material by the same amount as the purchase discount amount? Create a ZBBI contract type that is a copy of SBBI Let`s create a condition contract in the SAPGUI WCOCO – Condition contract transaction. You can follow the blog to create a condition contract. I have set up the CCM in our system and I still have a problem – if I calculate a contract (partial billing), I get two lines of items for a material – one is positive, the other is negative – but I want this in one line – does anyone also have this problem and does he have an answer? To implement this scenario in Billing Management. What types of billing documents should be used, is there a two-sentence process for customer billing [one deferral and one billing]? Condition tables defined specifically for managing condition contracts contain the condition contract number as a key field. Let`s create 2 custom condition tables 510 and 511, which are a copy of 4AB and 163 respectively, to understand them with an example. This can be done under the link above with the “Create” option. This generates tables A510 and A511 in the backend. For billing documents, I need to make additional configuration changes in addition to the setting above, as shown below. Another source of information for configuring billing management is SAP Best Practice Explorer. Recently, I came across a detailed setup guide located here (S-User is required to access the content): The actual file is located under the BK6 block.

The name is a bit confusing – Sales Rebate Processing (BK6), but it`s the real deal. 🙂 The second part of the configuration of the condition contract type is more demanding and is divided into a few steps that are then combined when defining the contract type. 1) Delete the tax calculation in CCM: In the selling price procedure (us scenario), taxes are not calculated and in the CCM it should work in the same way; Do you have any idea how to disable tax determination in settlement documents? – I tried to change the billing document 0S11 to the default option to “Enter tax number” to option 3, but this is not allowed. Do you have a useful link to set up PPF actions for conditional contracts? In other words, I created multiple contracts and orders for the same combination of materials and suppliers. Each time I created the contract, I invoiced them on the respective orders, but the new statement I created in relation to the last contract takes into account the business volume of the order/invoicing agreements already processed. I do not know where I can limit the system to the selection of other documents that are not relevant to the condition contract in question. If we remove the “Exclusive” indicator from the access sequence, the provision of $0.10 will be made for 50002, but in contract 50001, two provisions will be made – $0.75 at the “Contract/Material” level and $0.50 at the contract/material group level. C001/C002 are described as “Eligible Customer List Condition Agreement” and C003 as Standard Terms. That`s it, I managed to set up the workflow to release the condition contracts. Let`s test it now. According to my knowledge of accounting, this should be reversed when invoicing, would tell me how to do it. In this article, I want to focus on the buy side of CCM, including two flow configurations, classic discounts based on the vendor`s invoice, and the same approach, but using provisions and delta billing.

However, when I create a VA01 sales order, the contract number does not enter the ZREB condition record. Access is not fulfilled because the contract number does not appear in the item status: As far as I know, SAP was not able to collect/pay the discount based on different VAT rates. If I create a discount agreement for a customer (for example. B a 1% discount for all products in material group “X”), dummy material for settlement, linked to the material group, would provide important data such as account allocation or tax determination. From a tax perspective, the different products in material group X could have different tax numbers, and SAP would only apply the tax classification from the settlement material. Therefore, we could not have divisions by tax codes. Is that how I explained it? Is there a solution for S4 HANA? This is a very important part of colony management. Condition Contract allows you to store all information related to a contract, such as.B.

parent customer, authorized partner and contractual conditions. It also contains important information, such as prices and the validity of the agreement. There is a comprehensive list of the types of condition contracts that can be selected from various options to meet your business needs. The condition contract consists of four main sections, mainly the state contract header, customer/supplier data, relevant conditions and billing information. Several standard reports are available around the state contract for professional use. This book is for all users who now or in the future want to map delivery processes in SAP S/4HANA and gain a practical understanding of contract processing. Decision makers and IT managers can also quickly identify possible applications of SAP S/4HANA for conditional contract settlement (CCS/CCM) as a sub-function of billing management. Since SAP ERP 6.0 EHP6, component agency activities (LO-AB) and compensation management (LO-GT-CHB) have been combined in this holistic application. The subsequent settlement and SD bonus have also been replaced by the new SAP S/4HANA tool.

Sorry for the late reply. Please add some additional limitations in the business volume configuration, as this seems to be the normal feature. The system is not able to find dependencies between different contracts. Tcode: SWUE Enter the condition contract number in the object key Click the Show Event Receiver button that displays the active workflows Now click the Create Event button Although the contract number is available in the condition record (as above), the contract number does not appear in the condition records on the sales order line. ( But the HPDINRR material is delivered in article condition. I want help on this topic, I am in the last step of billing management and I get the following error, Please help. I also checked the number range and it is correctly assigned in the billing document. WS03100006 – Release Condition Contract Workflow Template WS03100007 – Release Condition Contract Workflow Template for Billing Run the transaction WB2R_SC and enter the relevant values. Please note that the `Test Run` execution type does not publish any data.

For actual billing, use `Live Run`. Hi Zahid, Retroactive discount should work in the same way as ECC, but without VBOF app. For example, on February 1, 2018, a conditional contract will be created with validity dates from January 1 to December 31, 2018. When the next payment is made, it retrieves all the billing documents that are within the validity period. I hope this helps. I am facing a problem in the checkout process where I have a FIXED billing condition in WCOCO and a split billing document at the header level. In addition, readers will discover other interesting features such as inter-partner contracts, pricing calculation variants, and incorrect billing reversal. This practical guide is complemented by information on data control reports and useful tips for integration into accounting.

3) Regarding the pricing formulas in CCM, yes, I participated in the pricing formulas on the accrual accounting and billing side of the equation. It works in the same way as normal SD pricing formulas (VOFM routines), so if you`re familiar with it, you`re already familiar with the CCM billing page. I am trying to set up a prototype for SD in an EHP-8 ERP system. But I`m very complicated, due to the lack of default customization settings. For example.B. no standard state type such as REBA, REBT is available. In addition, the SBBI condition contract type contains a SBON SD condition group that does not exist in Customizing, etc., and so on. So I don`t have a template to copy.

My contract works well, but I can`t use all the buttons of Delection, Block, Release, Reverse, and I can`t find where I need to enable them for transactions, could you please help me? Condition type setup is a hiring process more related to logistics where the invoicing process and setting up billing documents are a place where knowledge of the FI is very useful. .