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Subspecialty proposals: The application must be submitted before the agenda deadline in order to be considered at the Examination Board meeting. Residency Applications: Since a new residency application requires an on-site visit, the application and site visit report of the accreditation field representative reviewing or clarifying the application must have been received by review committee staff prior to the closing date of the agenda… Drug addiction medicine Congenital cardiac diseasesadforming Heart failure and transplantation CardiologyCardiac diseasesClinical heart teamClinical informatics Critical careMedicineIndocrinology, diabetes and metabolismGastroenterology Geriatric medicineHematology and medical oncologyHospital and palliative medicineInfectual diseases-PediatricsIntermedicineIntermedicalMediacyIntermedicalMediacy CardiologyMedicineNephrologyPulmonary intensive care medicine Pulmonary intensive care medicinePulmonary diseaseRheomologySleep medicinePaddedpatology. . Updated applications for new programs have been published for most specialties and subspecialties to meet updated program requirements. If you are viewing an application and the date is in the footer of the document before 2019, please contact the review committee staff for more information. New program applications must use the online application process in the Accreditation Data System (ADS). For more information, see the “Application Notes.” .